Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Indian Pioneer Papers - Miscellaneous

SOUTHERN, Joe Hunting and Fishing Trip in 1904
Oil in Atoka County
Murrow Diary
Ghost Towns in Atoka County
Mounds and Mound Builders
Indian Police Officers
Biography of Self
County Fairs
First High School of Atoka
Settlements of Choctaws and Chickasaws
Land Marks
STOCKTON, MaryRogers County Preachers
Pioneer Physicians
Walter Starr Crittenden
Ghost Towns
THOMAS, A.M.Articles
THOMAS, Robert B.My Experience with Geronimo
Quanah Parker
Kiowa-Comanche Experiences
Quahada Indians
Cynthia Ann Parker
Lord's Prayer in Comanche
Post Oak Jim
Comanche Words
Kiowa Tribe
TORREY, Charles CutlerAutobiography
TUA, Bert S.Immigrant Coal Miners
Mt. Carmine Day in Southeastern Oklahoma
TURNER, GoldiePawnee Indians
The Bundle Scheme
Establishment of Ralston
Agricultural Fairs
Pawnee Marriages
James Murie
Jennings, Oklahoma
Pawnee Mission
Sun Dance
History of Keystone
Pawnee County Outlaws
Hunting Grounds and Cattle Grazing Grounds
First White People in Oklahoma
Pawnee Indian Scouts
Terlton, Oklahoma
Strings from Skins
White Deer
VESTAL, Ophelia D.Pasture Settler
Park County
Wichita Diamonds
Native Indian Doctors
The Peace Pipe
County Seat Promotion
Houston, Parker Meeting
Article from Vinita Leader
WEAVER,J.F.John F. Wheeler Letter
WILSON,L.W.Financing in the Pioneer Days--I.T.
Lazy S. Ranch
The F.S. Ranch
Founding of Shamrock
Rice Raising in the Indian Territory
The Ross Cemetery
Forest and Lumber Industry
WRIGHT,J. GeorgeLetter
BARNES,Louise S.Biography of J.V. Admire
BELL, Jesse S.Baptist Mission
BIGBY, Samuel A.Mortgage
BIGBY,ThomasStore Account
BIGBY,W.J.B.Muddy Springs School and Church
Mulberry Mission
Salem Church
Lees Creek Mission
Oak Grove School and Cemetery
BLOSSOM,E.J.Mineral Development-Choctaw
MAHNKER,JohnMineral Development-Choctaw
MCBRIDE,Roe & Inge, I.T.(Mrs)Mineral Development-Choctaw