Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Indian Pioneer Papers - Miscellaneous

ROSS, Elizabeth Cherokee Child Training
Cold Weather Hollow
Creek Town
Forks of Illinois Mission
Fruit raising in the Cherokee Nation
Indian Cooking
Log Cabins
Ration Depot
Salt Making
Tahlequah Incorporated
The Ross Mill
Tornado near Tahlequah
Capital Square
Tornado in 1880
Tahlequah Newspapers
Fire Makers
Natural Chimney
Dr. John Brown
Buckskin Vests
The Second Chief
Early day Home
Home burial grounds
Sketch of the life of E.Jane Ross
A fatal burn
Apples & Produce
Archibald Campbell
"Billy Bowlegs"
Bread Money
Buried treasure
Change of NAME
Charles Coodey
Cherokee Farms
Indian legend
Cherokee Marble
Chunk of silver
Convention ground
Cookson Hills
Dutchtown & Dogtown
Early day artist
Early day brickyard
Early settler
Elk Creek
Fish Barbecues
Food products dried
forgotten burial grounds
Freedman Celebration
Historic Church Bells
Homespun clothing
Husky scythe swinger
Indian Corn
Indian G.A.R. Post
Evan & John B. Jones
Medicine Springs
Old Camp Ground
Old Ferries
Oldest Masonic Hall
Old mail routes
Origin of Barren Fork
Origin of Greenleaf
Park Hill Post Office
Quail netting
Sehon Chapel
Stage Coach
Strong Medicine
Town of Peggs
Wolfe Hotel at Tahlequah
Thomas Trail
White Interpreter
Wild Cattle
Wild Horses
Witch Woman
ROWLEY, MarvinMary Bohanan
RUMAGE, H.L.Military Road
RYAN, LenoraNew Hope Manuscript
SELFRIDGE, Jennie Early day politics, ect.
Mayhew Church & Court Grounds
Sequoyah Indian Training School
Indian Legends
SHREVES, Ida M. Early days in Oklahoma
Brief outline of Sac & Fox Indians
SMITH, Florence Blackstone Letters
STICKLE, Estella Sue Trail of Tears
STOCKTON, MaryRogers County
Emmett Starr
SELFRIDGE, Jennie Bryarly's Landing
Norwalk Academy
SHERWOOD, Carl R. A Creek burial
Davis Ranch
Fish fries
Ranching in Creek Nation
Todd's Ranch
Biography of Himself
Creek Indian Doctor
Oklahoma Towns
SIMPSON, BarnardTree
SMALL, Robert W.Farming in the 1900s
Biography of James Small
Bumper crop year
SMISER, Norma E.Clippings
SMITH, RedbirdKee-too-wah Constitution & By-Laws
Letter from Jas. S. Buchanan