Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Indian Pioneer Papers - Miscellaneous

MCDOWELL, Alene D.Bartlesville Smelters
Last Osage Scalp
First Oil Well
MASON, Etta D.Atoka Baptist Church
Judge William Harrison Jackson
Biography of Reverend J.S. Murrow
The McKinney Ranch
Jack Fork County Court Ground
MAXWELL, Charles (Mrs)Elizabeth HosmerNorwood Papers
Norwood Papers
MAYFIELD, Carl H.Anchor Dee Ranch
Cattle Brands
MAYTUBBY, Peter, Jr.Letters
MEAGHER, Thomas F.EucheeCreek Indian Bands
Origin of the NAME Luchabega
Muskogee Creek Indians
MORGAN, Nellie B.New Hope Seminary
Muskogee Booster Booklet
NELSON, Merrill A.Garfield County Elections
Oklahoma Review
OSBORNE, John R.Account Book
Account Book of Black Beaver
PETTER, RodolpheArticles from The Mennonite
PHELPS, G.LeeTrue Story of Indian Missions
POLK, H.A.(Mrs)Reverend W.R.Baker
POPE, O.C.BaconeCrosby Letters
Presbyterian Church Documents
RHODES, Joe D.(Mrs)Lockwood Letters
RANOK, Linnaeus B.Personal Reminiscences
Temple Houston
Early Day Indian Battle Site
Day County
Well Digging
The Old Beaver County Trail
Personal Recollections
Early Indian Burial Ground
ROBERTS, Mary RileyNowata Settlers
Further Facts about Nowata County
When the Cherokees Moved West