Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Indian Pioneer Papers - Miscellaneous

COBB, Isabelle (Dr.)Cherokee Schools
COLE, Pete W.Choctaw Indian Intellect
Pleasant Cove Indian Church
Indian Treaties
Indians and friends or enemies
First railroad
Grist Mill
Toll Bridges in Atoka County
Medicine Men
Choctaw Customs
Historical Spot in Atoka
Atoka Light Company
Indian Ball stick
Oklahoma as Indian Country before Statehood
Narrative of Atoka County
Atoka County landmark
Indian religion
Stringtown, Oklahoma
Choctaw Schools
Life Among the Choctaw Indians
Indian Churches
Bows and Arrows
Race Track Prairie
Choctaw Hymn Book, Choctaw Bible
Choctaw marriage laws
Personal Historical Sketches
COURSEY, VirgilCourt Records
CRANE, R.C. Fort Elliott
DEBO, Angie History of Marshall, Oklahoma
DEBO, E.P.Sheridan
DODSON, E.F.John Ross
Ewing Chapel
Flint Masonic Lodge
Oak Grove Community
History of Oak Grove Church
Oak Grove Post Office
Old Adair House
DODSON, MottieDocuments
Story of James Scott Dodson
John Oliver Cobb
The Cobb Family
DRAUGHON, Byrd LoveDocuments
Objections of the Chickasaw Nation to the Bill(HR 5123)
Memorial of the Chickasaw Nation to the President of the United States
DUNCAN, D.W.C.Cherokee Justices
DUNCAN, J.E.Story of the Cherokee
DUNCAN, J.E.(Mrs)Grass Cemetery
DUNCAN, James W.Kee-Too-Wah Society
The Cherokee Strip
DUNCAN, Susie E.Manuscript
DUNCAN, W.A.(Rev.)Documents of the first Cherokee Orphan Home
DUNSON, EdmondGreen Peach War
EDMINSTON, SamIndian Police rules
EMMONS, JeromeEight-day men
FIFE, Dawes Creek Indian ball games
Hard times of "94"
FIFE, Dawes M.Creek Tribal laws
Turkey Track Trail
Indian method of trapping wild turkey
FLEMING, James H.old locations
FORT WORTH RECORDOld Timers' Buffalo Association
FRY, Ella M.Choctaw Nation manuscript
FULSOM, A.E.letter
FOREMAN, GrantHammond-Eliot trip in 1849
Homesteaders, Kickapoo, Sac and Fox Countries
Folsom, A.E. letters
Ballentine Report
Aunt Eliza Ross
John Golden Ross
Mathias Splitlog
Indian journal letter
International Fair, Muskogee