Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Indian Pioneer Papers - Miscellaneous

ANDERSON, Maurice R.Short History ofPauls Valley
ARMSTRONG, HenryIndian Legend
AUSTIN, LulaStatehood Rally held by M.E.Conference at Durant
Baptist MissionaryMagazines,XVI
BERRYHILL, JeffersonIndian Legend
Indian fish killing
Indian foods
Indian customs
Creek Schools
Redroot Medicine Ceremony
Creek Council House
Stomp Grounds
New Town Creek Indian ChurchArbor
Creek Custom of funeral & burial
Church Conference
Creek superstition
Creek attitude toward allotment
BIGBY, W.J.B. Muddy Springs Schools
BLAND, Zaidee B.Minutes of the First BaptistChurch Organization
CAIN, NettiePost Ridge Mission
"Crazy Snake"
Wetumka Mission
CARR, Frank M.Biography of Nelson F.Carr
Biography of Dalton brothers
Texas Cherokees
CARSELOWEY, James R.Lucian Burr Bell
Manuscript of D.W.Bushyhead
The near Cherokee-Creek War
Biography of Felex M. Adams
Johnathan Blackfeather
David Blackfeather
Jackson County newspapers
Shawnee Indians
Cherokee orphan asylum
Ghost towns
Old Battle Ground
Texas to Kansas cattle trail
The Dawes Commission
J.C. Starr Papers
J.S. Holden Manuscript
Thomas M. Buffington
Frank L. Burckhalter
History of the Carselowey family
Keetowah letter to Judge Gill