Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, African-American, Native American and Southern States

Freedmen Choctaw and Chickasaw Deeds and Alottments Index


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Abbreviation  Meaning
WWest Half
NNorth Half
SSouth Half
EEast Half
NWNorthwest Quarter
SWSouthwest Quarter
NENortheast Quarter
SESoutheast Quarter
Chi. BChickasaw by Blood
Cho. BChoctaw by Blood
Cho. FChoctaw Freedman
Abbreviation  Meaning
Chi. FChickasaw Freedman
Cho. N.B.Choctaw Newborn
Chi. N.B.Chickasaw Newborn
Cho.& Chi. MChoctaw & Chickasaw by Intermarriage
M. Cho. FMinor Choctaw Freedmen
M. Chi. FMinor Chickasaw Freedmen
M. ChoMinor Choctaw
M. Chi.Minor Chickasaw
M. Cho. FMinor Choctaw Freedmen
Miss. ChoMississippi Choctaw

Allotments marked "Cancelled" and immediately followed by allotment to same allottee, denotes that new deed has been issued in place of deed cancelled.

Allotments marked "Cancelled" and no new allotment immediately follows, denotes that allotment has been cancelled and no new deed issued. In this latter case, new deeds may be hereafter issued.

Dates following description of allotments are, 1st., Date deeds signed by Choctaw Chief; 2nd., date deed signed by Chickasaw Chief; 3rd., date approved by Secretary; 4th., date filed for record, in the order name.

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